Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beauty Queen the Video Game

Sony has teamed up with the toy makers Mattel to create a fun, innovative and highly educational game for young girls called Beauty Queen. The game was created for girls ages 5 and up. The two companies modeled the video game after Rock Band, but added some extra special features. In addition to the video game, the package comes with a vanity fully equipped with a 200-piece Stila cosmetic kit, tweezers, curlers, hairbrush, hairdryer, bronzing spray and Preparation H. Girls can feel pretty and make themselves into beauty queens before starting the video game.

In Beauty Queen the video game, girls experience the competitive side of being a beauty queen as well as the day-to-day challenges beauty queens face. Even girls who will never be pretty enough to actually compete in beauty pageants will gain an understanding and respect for the adversity beauty queens must overcome.

To start, each girl builds their very own Beauty Queen avatar. The game is programmed with the specifications of a perfect woman. Girls are expected to modify their avatars throughout the game in order to meet these specifications. Girls compete in pageants and vie for modeling jobs and commercial work. The money they earn from their work must be used to pay for items such as beauty pageant clothing, makeup, diet pills, pedicures and cosmetic surgery.

The game's pageant competitions include all the usual activities: swimwear, evening gown, talent, etc. During the interview portion of the pageant, girls are asked difficult questions about themselves by the game and are fed appropriate answers, karaoke style. Using a microphone, they are expected to read and emphasize certain underlined words and phrases and are scored on their ability to do so. During the talent portion, girls choose to sing, dance (using a component similar to Dance Dance Revolution), twirl a baton or recite their favorite bible passage. For each portion of the pageant, contestants receive scores from the computer judges and from the other girls. One at a time, each girl leaves the room for 2 minutes so her friends can judge her as well.

This game is sure to be a hit and, most importantly, will provide young ladies with the kind of real life training every girl can benefit from.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Action Alert: Prejean Dethroned!

As many of you have likely heard, Ms. Carrie Prejean was dethroned effective June 10, 2009. Sources have revealed that this blog directly contributed to this surprising turn of events. While you might be tempted to celebrate this news, we here at the Postjean Movement have had a change of heart. We think we believe that Ms. Prejean should be able to use the forum of Ms. California to further clarify her thoughts on opposite marriage. In order to fully express our support, we will be staffing lemonade booths across the country this weekend in order to raise money to support Ms. Prejean’s legal fight to regain her throne. Obviously, we will be serving Crystal Light ™ instead of that full calorie summer sin juice.